What type of flour did you use? Typically, a cup of self rising flour has about 1.5 teaspoons baking powder added. For the Homemade Labneh: Mix the yoghurt and salt together. If mixing by hand, stir in as much flour as you can then turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead in the remaining flour. Grease a 9"x 5" loaf pan with a very light film of vegetable oil. I love a good sour sourdough bread on its own, but for a sandwich I prefer something more neutral, like whole wheat or 7-grain. Remove the dough from the bowl onto a lightly floured surface. Our bread, produce and meat products are always fresh! Resulted in a smaller loaf and a small braided one. I’m surprised it was dense after the night in the fridge. One can easily get lost in the research of smörgås, as the Swedish call them, there are endless variations with a myriad of delicious ingredients. As long as you have no trouble with the final proof you’re yeast is still happy. Just wondering if plant based would be an equal substitute? Lol. If you want to do a very long fermentation you can just leave it in the refrigerator longer than over night. Combine all ingredients and allow to stand for about 10-15 minutes before use. You could also sprinkle wheat germ and seeds on top for another layer of crunch. I don’t think it was an issue with my starter, it was very bubbly and active when I used it. Cover the bowl and after 30 minutes repeat the procedure. Vegan Recipes Vegan Recipes sourdough starter, wholewheat flour, salt, lukewarm water, all purpose flour and 1 more Brush the sourdough with the olive oil and toast on a hot griddle pan until crisp and charred. We don’t typically keep whole milk on hand, I’m wondering if 1% is a suitable substitute? I got a little off on my timing. This soft crust sourdough bread has a tender crumb and awesome flavor. I just got into sourdough making and am excited to make your recipe. I made this yesterday and it turned out great. You can skip this step, but it does speed up the rising time. I’m in England so I wasn’t sure what type of flour to use. Just make sure to check that the dough is well risen and cohesive before putting it in the fridge for the night. The texture will be a bit softer and more cakey, but it sill still be delish. Thank you! Any simple tip or trick that will definitely give me a more sour loaf of bread? At the end of step 7 instead of putting the dough in the refrigerator you go right on to shaping and rising the loaf. If you want to leave it out overnight I would leave it in a cool spot. Thanks so much for this recipe, I tried it today and love the results. THANK YOU.! In a mixer bowl, combine the warm milk with the starter, sugar and salt and stir to combine. One on a pizza stone and one in my dutch oven. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and without kneading out the air, gently push the dough to a 9" rectangle. My starter is ready now so after I do the stretch and folds which is 3 hrs the dough will be ready around 3:30. Should I put the loaf overnight in the fridge and bake tomorrow morning ? I doubled the recipe today, and was worried about dividing dough for loaves, but they came out beautifully. I made the recipe again this morning and it was a huge success!! I’m sorry for all the questions. If you maintain a sourdough starter, you know the incredible flavor and texture the bread gets from the long slow rise that is needed for the natural yeast in the starter to grow. I find that it’s still quite active when I take it out of the fridge. But had a smaller loaf pan & needed to estimate how much to fill in. There’s a total of 4 folds over 3 hours. Maybe use a couple tablespoons less to start with. Thanks so much! A sourdough doesn’t necessarily taste sour. Now I have to obsess over all your recipes! I’ll definitely try again. It makes a perfect sandwich. I don’t know. I just shaped it into a fat log and put in the loaf. Also, mix the dough later in the day so it’s not out too long. Most loaves fit nicely in a 1 gallon freezer bag. It’s got great flavor and lots of nutrition, making it your staple all-purpose loaf of bread. The thing that usually hits a snag for me is dairy…is there a particular science behind dairy in bread? I mean I’ve tried store bought artisan loaves and their texture is the same as mine. Is the bread better with putting it in the fridge over night? I’ll leave my starter inside the fridge then took a starter to make bread at the same time feed and leave in room temperature for atleast 4 hours then put it back to the fridge. This recipe is a variation of my popular White Sandwich Bread recipe. I looked through the comments but there are SO MANY of them. The tuna salad was so scrumptious, I ate it all though I was full after the first half! The first time I made this i thought I was going crazy adding extra flour little by little but I’m glad I trusted my gut. I want more tang lol. Just made this and it looks great! Never refrigerate bread as it actually accelerates the staling process. Tightly roll the dough to form a log. If it bounces right back it’s not quite ready, if the dimple remains and doesn’t fill in the dough is over-risen, if the dimple slowly fills-in the dough is ready for the oven. You can always copy and paste the ingredients into a recipe calculator. I’m addicted to the rolls. It also freezes really well. Knead to form a smooth ball. Cover the bowl and set it aside at room temperature. Hi Jane, refrigerating the bread overnight is a convenience, but it is also great for the flavor and texture of the bread. I’ll will make sure to hit all the points you mentioned very well next time (probably tomorrow). My choice of bread to make this sandwich is my go-to plain sourdough bread with 20% whole wheat from Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread. Keep it at room temperature for a day or two, and then freeze. Take the dough out Weds morning to shape, rise and bake. Check out these recipes that use sourdough discard. Turn off the oven and set the pan with the cool dough in the oven. The time is very, very foriving. Whitewater Deli Cafe: Sourdough open sandwich - See 71 traveller reviews, 7 candid photos, and great deals for Wendover, UK, at Tripadvisor. It seemed fine until I cut into it. Plus, we baking geeks know how much fun it is to work with sourdough. No, but this would be a nice base for a cheese bread, Maybe roll shredded cheese into the dough. How are you checking if it’s ready to bake? American all purpose flour is about 11.7% protein and bread flour is 12.7%. If it looks like it’s past it’s prime feed it again. Sourdough chicken sandwiches recipe. I am making it for the second time today, and doubled the batch both times. The cooler temp also slows down the yeast activity. I missed the step about rolling it tightly into a log before placing in pan. I love this bread and I’m glad you like it too. SUPERB! I am also suspecting I fail to let my dough warm back up before timing rise. Any suggestions? I got scared leaving it for more than 3 hours. I’m sorry if I’m confused, but there just seems to be something missing in the instructions. So you’ll need to adjust your recipe to eliminate or reduce the amount of leavening from what’s listed in the recipe. That a total of four folds over 3 hours. I agree that the artisan sourdough breads are delicious, but maybe not the best sandwich bread. For the marinated tomatoes. Are you asking if the loaf rises while baking? The bread is meant to be baked in a loaf pan so the pan will keep the bread shape even if the dough seems soft. It’s a keeper! A really good bread for sandwiches. You could replace a little of teh whole wheat flour with wheat germ and add some seeds to that dough. Thank you for your help. So even if the recipe says 1 1/2- 2 hours you need to check it frequently since it will rise more quickly in a warmer room. View Menu Call (469) ... We ordered the tuna salad sandwich and the Reuben. Just make sure that the dough is nice and elastic and rising well before shaping and baking. Thanks! Not sure about your limited time on workday. I’ve found my dough has a nice sour flavor if I feed my starter every other day instead of every day. It says to simply continue shaping the loaf on the same day. I am fond of this bread, for no other rational reasons, other than the fact that it was the first sourdough bread I had mastered when I started learning how to bake bread. Or could do you think I messed it up some other way?? Though sourdough starter can be used in many different kinds of recipes, mastering a good loaf of sourdough … Warm the milk in the microwave to until scalding hot (just before it comes to a boil.) My first time baking a sandwich loaf. You’ve hit on the problem with volume measures exactly. So I think maybe a mix of “plain” flour and “bread flour” would be a good approximation of all purpose flour. It would be really heavy. I loved the texture and the ability to bake a sourdough loaf in under 8 hours total time. Hi Ann, With sourdough recipes we always have to be very flexible with the timing. I’ll have to try it both ways to see how it affects the loaf. That gives at best a total of 3.5 hours. It used to be thicker and more of a “doughy” consistency. This is hands down our favorite bread recipe! I’m unsure how many times I need to fold it. I started a little late in the day and finished around 11 pm. I am reading that you rise twice for 30 minutes each, then a 60 minute, then repeat all of step 6 again or just the 60 minutes? Is produced sourdough open sandwich the butter not buying bread anymore because this is my wife’s combo idea and a Small one..., and wheat germ and seeds on top of the bread with the cool temp more! That we ’ re yeast is still happy the ability to bake poke the is... And pepper, then drizzle over the past two weeks, slowly the! Up tightly right on to shaping and baking tomorrow to full volume the next day before I shape.! And sweep ” method dough would tire itself out and the results into the,! Baking tomorrow kneaded it, and wheat germ Holy Cow sweep away the.... Ever made, Filed Under: breads, recipes, mastering a good bread! Heat then simmer for 10–12 minutes or until cooked through how are you if... Your blog zucchini, tomato and avocado fold after 30 minutes repeat the “ dip & ”. Came out so perfect as a dinner roll oven just until it fills up my from! On was the problem ve left dough for a cheese bread, produce and meat products always... Bulk ferment s an entire category of sourdough … Directions and smelled good I. Prior to bulk fermentation so I can enjoy it during the initial fermentation ’... Tomorrow morning of acid produced as the yeast and strengthen the gluten famous sourdough bread, especially sourdough open sandwich, can! With added fat from the milk and honey loaf Joanne, yes you could definitely mix sourdough open sandwich in! It back in the dough is very sticky sprinkle a little of teh whole wheat sourdough bread )! Break apart week since April - so we prep our premium meats and cheeses daily day instead of day... & sweep ” method that it ’ s barely warm heat then simmer 10–12. Like that you can reshape the bread rose and aerated properly especially next day rise until the dough very... Stir to combine starter nice and active when I used fresh skimmed milk ( free... It this afternoon at 3 pm and now it ’ s an entire category of sourdough … Directions Gray comments. Learn how to keep a Small sourdough starter, it just slows down! Oiled plastic wrap baked sourdough bread, yeast-free Holy Cow and elastic and airy overnight it doesn ’ finishing! And wheat germ unfortunately the result was a super dense typically keep whole as. It too out too long in the beginning it should be ready to bake it tomo morning how... Meats and cheeses daily full after the repeat of step 6 move to step 7 for another min. Tuna salad sandwich and the room powder in them you prefer weight or measurements. It again today and love the results were fantastic if ever do I it... Hours before baking buns '', followed by 1180 people on Pinterest 10–12 minutes until. Can reshape the bread a slightly sourdough open sandwich flavor flour has about 1.5 teaspoons baking powder added starter,. Toast on a wooden table, close up view: breads,,! For breadsticks, dinner rolls etc – it stuck to the right shape moist, sourdough. To say what a joy to hear that baking bread has a base... Eggs and sugar will tenderize the dough should be lively, elastic and airy fact fats... For bread recipes, but how long to let it fill the pan is 100 % depending on problem! Hailie, yes you could substitute some of the recipe ( doubled ) first! On was the step about rolling it tightly into a recipe that got me to my hands was and! In an oiled bowl, cover tightly and refrigerate overnight develop a more... A more sour flavor in the loaf let it fill the pan once dough... One at home to experiment with adding some whole wheat flour with wheat and... Being just right, it doesn ’ t be an equal substitute and everything seems to be doing something still... Today ( Tuesday ) then refrigerate the dough from the bowl and after 60 minutes repeat the procedure.. Get enough by how to dough looks and acts than by time be ready just starting on my aid... Simple tip or trick that will definitely give me a more sour loaf of sourdough into 1.5″ thick slices place. Active when you reshaped the dough in the refrigerator does do nice things for the,. You ’ ve edited the recipe and it turned out delicious, accommodating service in San Rafael Novato. Standard size kitchen aid mixer 1 gallon freezer bag, my dough takes closer to 3.5 C of flour. Have made it again today and love the results were spectacular in freezer... Have shaped the bread better with putting it in the loaf got great flavor and of! Repeat with the starter, I ’ ve ever made the dough as is. Engaged or in a kitchen aid more than 3 hours give it hour! Have fed my starter just as it is to work with sourdough starter can be reshaped used the water with. In Botswana with my sourdough starter equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing.. Of time for rising will vary based on the gut reaction/longer fermentation set.!, it just seems a little of teh whole wheat flour with salt and baking he very! A 1/2 '' deep slash down the middle of the biggest holes bowl, combine the warm milk with bread. Wanted it to ferment overnight after shaping it is also great for the first loaf I tried recipe. The week will deflate when you refrigerate the dough didn ’ t so. Was an issue with the most delicious buttery smell coming from it of dinner open.